3.1.1 Nikolaus Seydel
Age :                  49 years
Qualifications :  Diploma in Mathematics, 1989
Present Position : Currently senior technical manager in the operating systems department's competence center.
In Past : TPF (IBM's transaction processing operating system) senior systems programmer analyst.
Experience : His experience consists mainly of many years of TPF system programming. TPF does not ship with builtin and/or freely available tools like Linux does. However, TPF does ship with (almost) all source files written in C and assembly language. He therefore had the opportunity of writing a couple of memory and CPU consumption tools and drivers in order to measure performance and to find bottlenecks in our current implementation. His latest achievement was a 5% overall CPU gain by rewriting private heap management routines (malloc/free) on TPF 4.1. One other major field of experience is hardware integration and perturbation testing, which he have been doing for almost all new storage and CPU equipment received for running TPF in the last ten years.
Hobbies : Sudoku game, listening music, singing as a choir member, and biking.