2.1.3 Setup
AMPolice is very easy to setup.
NOTE : Root access is not required for the usage.
Step 1 : get the AMPolice.tar for ur linux version.
Step 2 : untar the AMPolice.tar with tar -xvf AMPolice.tar
Step 3: there is no step 3 , you have latest version of AMPolice already in AMPolice directory where you extracted it. :)
Important : Please go to the extracted directory and try to run the AMPolice - -help to verify that every thing is in order and place. Please also verify that you have ampolicelib. in your extracted dir.
If you have access then all the binaries can be copied to the default directories for the user and libs to default library search path.
Important if you want to share the AMPolice with your friends then do provide them proper access rights using chmod command.
TIP: To compile please run mamp.sh