Concept Key Idea Advantages No Recompilations No Root Access Required Functional Memory Leaks Vision for Future Leak detection and Work Around GUI for using AMPolice Automatic Leak Detection Framework. Usage Installation Requirements Download Setup Limitation Options Start up Parameters --active -a --begin=n -b n --libdir=d -L d --bytes -B --clear -c --debug=s -d s --low=n -l n --every=i -e i --high=n -h n --parent -P --quit=i -q i --random=n -r n --read=f -R f --sample=n -s n --threads -t --try -T --verbose -v --exclude=e -x e --symbols=s -y s --check=i -C i Run time signaling Logging options --file=f -f f -nest=i n i Tips and Tricks API int mpapistart(int id); const struct mpapi *mpapistop(int id); struct mpapi example code changes Compile time changes Run time changes AMPSignal start quit tracestart tracestop delta misc id AMPolice team Authors Nikolaus Seydel Sagar Seth Special Thanks References and Learnings Information specially OTF/BE/IS Leak Direction in logged files